Unsettling Details Revealed from Betty Gore’s Crime Scene Photos

The brutal murder of Betty Gore in June 1980 remains to be one of the most horrifyingly shocking crimes in the history of Wylie, Texas. Betty Gore was a cheerful mother of two, who was killed in her own home by her neighbor and best friend, Candy Montgomery, who had an affair with Betty’s husband. The details of the crime have been discussed through a variety of media such as TV shows, the most recent of which is HBO Max’s Love and Death. The case has also been the subject of thorough investigations that have brought to light crucial evidence such as the Betty Gore crime scene photos among other things. 

Here are some of the most unsettling details revealed from the crime scene photos of Betty Gore and various other sources related to the case. 

The Brutality of the Attack

Candy Montgomery in a true crime series

Although Candy Mongomery holds the point that she acted only in self-defense, her attack on Betty Gore was shockingly brutal. Crime scene photos and autopsy reports reveal that Betty was struck 41 times with an ax, with 28 of those blows being on the head. The attack left Betty’s body horrifically mutilated, the condition of her head initially leading investigators to believe that she had been shot. 

The cause of the brutal attack was rooted in an illicit affair between Candy and Allan Gore, Betty’s husband. According to Candy, she had come to visit Betty to get hold of her elder daughter’s swimsuit. However, Betty confronted her about the affair and attacked her unprovoked using an ax. A violent struggle ensued that ultimately led to the brutal murder of Betty Gore, with Candy also sustaining several injuries in the process. 

Candy’s Attempt to Cover Up

Blood stains in The Murder of Betty Gore

Crime scene photos of Betty’s bathroom reveal bloodstains on the walls. This was actually an attempt by Candy to cover up what she had done by cleaning herself under the shower, leaving traces of blood at several locations around the house. Even though Candy tried to cover up the evidence, the sheer volume of the blood made it impossible to clean thoroughly. As a result, Betty Gore’s crime scene photos displayed the extensive bloodstains that could not be erased, highlighting a murderer’s desperate attempt to hide her actions. 

Betty’s Daughter had been Asleep Nearby

Betty Gore's daughter

Adding to the tragedy, Betty’s infant daughter, Bethany, was asleep in her crib nearby during the time of the murder. Thankfully, she remained unharmed during the ordeal and was found crying hours after the murder when neighbors came in to check on Betty upon her husband’s request. The baby had not been fed and was left unattended after her mother’s death, but was ultimately led to safety by Lester Gayler and Richard Parker, the neighbors that found her. 

Betty’s Body is Discovered

Betty Gore's body found

The same neighbors who had found little Bethany were the first ones to discover the crime scene as well as locate Betty’s mutilated body. After a brief search, they found her in the utility room, completely surrounded by blood. The crime scene photos depict an almost unimaginable horror, with every inch of the room coated by blood and the murder weapon lying nearby, it looked like something out of a Friday the 13th movie. 

TV Adaptations and Real-life Accuracy

How realistic is HBO's Love and Death?

The chilling details of Betty Gore’s murder have been depicted in various TV shows including HBO Max’s Love and Death and Hulu’s Candy.  Both the series are based around Candy Montgomery’s court testimony, as well as other real life accounts to recreate the murder scene. Love and Death focuses more on why the attack happened in the first place and presents an increasingly graphic portrayal of the crime, while Candy mostly focuses on the psychological aftermath. 

To sum it up, the unsettling details revealed from the Betty Gore crime scene photos and various accounts paint a harrowing picture of one of the most brutal murders in Texas history. The combination of a violent attack, a desperate cover-up attempt, and the cold demeanor of the perpetrator create a chilling narrative that continues to captivate and horrify audiences. As TV adaptations bring this tragic story to new viewers, the shocking details of Betty Gore’s death serve as a stark reminder of the darkness that can lurk behind seemingly ordinary lives.

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