Vernon Whitlock Jr: Everything You Need to Know About Kimora Lee Simmons’ Father

Meet the man behind the success of the renowned fashion icon: Vernon Whitlock Jr., the father of the dazzling Kimora Lee Simmons. While much of Vernon’s life story remains a mystery yet to be unraveled, his impact on Kimora’s life is as clear as day. 

From his early days to his educational background, every piece of Vernon’s puzzle is waiting to be pieced together. You’d be surprised to know that there aren’t many Vernon Whitlock Jr. photos on the internet either. But don’t worry! We’re on the lookout for these hidden gems to complete the picture of the man who helped shape the superstar we all know today. 

Simmons, a name synonymous with glamor and entrepreneurship, didn’t just stumble upon success. The roots of her resilience and ambition can be traced back to her parents, Joanne Perkins and Vernon Whitlock Jr. If you’re just as excited to meet Kimora Lee Simmons’ father, Vernon Whitlock Jr as we are, let’s not wait any more and dive right in! 

Vernon Whitlock Jr.: A Story of Ups and Downs

As an African-American born in the USA, Vernon Whitlock Jr. has navigated through several careers. He served his community as a law enforcer and a deputy federal marshal in 1962, worked as bail bondsman, an EEOC investigator, and later as a barber. It’s safe to say that Vernon’s journey has been nothing short of remarkable.

His liking for extravagance was evident in his choice of luxurious jewelry, designer clothing, and even high-end supercars. However, during his time as a bail bondsman in the 1970s, his interests for the finer things in life caught the attention of law enforcement. Misinterpreted as a bond trader involved in illegal activities, Vernon Whitlock Jr.’s glamorous lifestyle led to his arrest and a 24-year prison sentence, of which he served three years. 

A Love Across Continents: Vernon Whitlock Jr. and Joanne Perkins

Vernon Whitlock Jr. and his relationship with Joanne Perkins, is nothing short of a love story straight out of a movie. 

Here’s the scoop: Joanne is half-Japanese and half-American. She moved to the United States owing to the escalating tensions due to the Korean War. And well who was waiting on the other side?  Vernon Whitlock Jr., a man whose life story was as diverse and interesting as Joanne’s.

Their paths crossed, and sparks flew. However, unfortunately, as with many great love stories, their journey together wasn’t without its challenges. Despite their deep connection, they eventually parted ways, leaving their daughter, the fabulous Kimora Lee Simmons, to be raised by Joanne. It’s believed that Joanne was in her late 60s when they separated.

And well if you’re wondering what about Vernon’s life before and after Joanne? Well, that’s a bit of a mystery. There aren’t any records of past relationships or marriages involving Vernon. It seems he’s been on the low with his private life.

Celebrity Spotlight: Vernon Whitlock Jr.’s Star Daughter

Okay now let’s turn the spotlight onVernon Whitlock Jr.’s claim to fame – his daughter, Kimora Lee Simmons. Born on May 4th in 1975, Kimora has been dazzling the world since her St. Louis, Missouri origins. Fast-forward to 2024, and she’s a vibrant 48-year-old force in the fashion and entertainment world.

Her journey began at 13 when she signed with Chanel and caught the eye of the iconic Karl Lagerfeld. She earned the title “Face of the 21st Century.” As one of the “four Karlettes” alongside Bernadette Jurkowski, Shoshanna Fitzgerald, and Olga Sobolewska, Kimora helped redefine beauty standards.

Kimora isn’t just any celebrity; she’s an icon. Imagine taking the fashion world by storm as the CEO and creative director of Baby Phat until 2010! She’s also had her own reality TV shows Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane and Kimora: House of Fab. It’s a life lived in the fast lane!

As a TV personality, she’s graced screens hosting One World Music Beat and Life and Style, not to mention her VH1 specials. But did you know she’s also a Tony Award-winning producer for Def Poetry Jam on Broadway?

Life for Kimora isn’t all runway and spotlight; it’s also about her biggest role – being a mom to five amazing kids: Ming Lee, Aoki Lee, Kenzo Lee, Wolfe Lee Hounsou, and Gary Lee Leissner.

But wait, there’s more. Kimora’s closest confidante? None other than the legendary model and actress Tyra Banks, who’s not just her best friend but also the godmother to her daughter, Ming Lee. Talk about a star-studded inner circle!


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